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  1. ashwinrao1

    Fuji X100F kit, like new, with TCL X100II and WCLX100II, etc...$1500

    Hi gang, Up for sale is my "like new" Fuji X100F kit, which includes all original boxes/accessories. I am also including the WCL X100II (28 mm optical lens conversion add on lens) and the TCL X100II (50 mm conversion lens), made specifically for the camera. I added a screen protector on day 1...
  2. ashwinrao1

    New M mount CCD Rangefinder...not from Leica?

    If this rumor is to be beleived? I had not seen this on typical RF sites but do know Peter, who runs the site, to be a kind and reputable guy who's been running his popular Leica blog for many years now:
  3. ashwinrao1

    Thumbs Up EP-SL Grip for the Leica SL!

    MatchTechnical and Tim Isaac have given me the privilege of testing a prototype of the Thumbs Up EP-SL grip for the SL camera. I am a huge fan of MatchTechnical's designs, which have adorned each of my Leica cameras since the M8. I believe that the EP-SL is another great design that will add to...
  4. ashwinrao1

    FS - Leica Q with Thumbs Up and Leica Grip + loop (CONUS)

    Hi all, I have decided to sell my Leica Q, so that I may be able to fund a Leica SL. I think I may be crazy to do such a thing, as the Q is one of the best cameras that I have ever used. However, one needs to be wise with camera purchases and finances. As you know, the Leica Q is incredibly...
  5. ashwinrao1

    Thumbs Up EP-SQ for the Leica Q: A preview

    Hi everyone, I have had the pleasure of getting to know Tim Isaac from Match Technical over the years, and this week-end, he gave me a chance to test out a production proof of the Thumbs Up EP-SQ grip for the Leica Q. I can honestly say that this is a great ergonomic addition to the already...
  6. ashwinrao1

    Leica Q - Unboxing

    I had a great time unboxing the Leica Q at the Bellevue Leica Store (here in the Seattle area). The Bellevue store is the newest in Leica's U.S. brick and mortar presence and they got 8 cameras today. I received the second of these. The camera box set up is similar to that of the Leica M cameras...
  7. ashwinrao1

    An open letter to Leica (2015)...please share your own thoughts

    I desperately want Leica to release great products, and.......I think that the time is here. The Leica M246 Monochrom is fantastic. It sits on par with or supersedes the original in most key ways, and I can't wait to get my own in hopefully a short time (first on the list at my local Leica...
  8. ashwinrao1

    Loxia lens sale (35 and 50)

    Hi everyone, it's time to part with both of my lovely Loxia lenses, to make way and clear funds for upcoming purchases. These are incredible lenses, perfect for manual focus work or videography on the A7 series cameras. I purchased both lenses from Kenmore Camera in March, so they are nearly...
  9. ashwinrao1

    FS - Leica M9P (chrome) and M9 Monochrom (black) + extras

    Hi all, testing the waters here. M9-P chrome + extras - $ 4150 shipped Up for sale are my boxed M9P-Chrome, in Mint- condition, with a recent CLA/RF calibation by Leica this past summer. Approx 15000 actuations. All boxes, cables, chargers, etc are included, along with a M-Mate 2 baseplate...
  10. ashwinrao1

    FS- Well Loved Fogg B-Laika Bag - $150

    Hi all, Up for sale is my well loved, 5 year old Fogg B-Laika, all in black.I purchased this bag in February 2010 for my M system, and it's seen regular use since. It's a great bag for a Leica M or Mirrorless body and 3 lenses. The bag is completely functional, with no physical defects...
  11. ashwinrao1

    FS- Leitz 50 mm f/2.8 Elmar(1st version)- near mint

    Hi everyone, up for sale is the first version of thei Leitz 50 mm f/2.8 Elmar-M. This is actually the coveted first version of the Elmar, designed and manufactured from 1957-74, not the more recent incarnation. The lens here is in incredible condition, nearly mint, as if purchased new, and was...
  12. ashwinrao1

    Leica 28 mm f/1.4 Summilux Asph - Some Pics

    Alright, I have been thrilled to have an opportunity to share a few images taken with this fantastic lens. As my cameras don't recognize the lens' 6-bit coding yet, these were shot using the 28 'cron profile, for the most part M Monochrom
  13. ashwinrao1

    FS- Chrome M240 plus extras - $5650

    It's time to move my nearly new m240 to a new home. I have a lovely and fancy black Arte Di Mano Minerva half case along with Thumbs up grip and extra battery.... Everything was purchased new within the past 3 months...maybe 1000 actuations on the camera. Original box, charger etc...included...
  14. ashwinrao1


    Sorry...accidental post, and can't figure out how to delete it
  15. ashwinrao1

    Leica's new APS-C Interchangeable lens camera

    Looks Like April 24th will be the day. Our friend DoubleNegative's La Vida Leica has posted some specs and thoughts: Leica Special Event in Berlin on April 24! | La Vida Leica! Anyways, I figured I'd start the rumor fornication debate as follows. 1. Interchangeable lens mount: I would...