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Recent content by danlindberg

  1. danlindberg

    Technical Camera Images

    3 image flatstitch. 20 left, centre, 20 right. Alpa Plus • Schneider 90 • X1D. 1/15 • f8 • iso200. [also posted in 'Behind-the-scene' thread, sorry if anyone gets annoyed for doubleposting]
  2. danlindberg

    Behind the scenes

    3 image flatstitch. 20 left, centre, 20 right. Schneider 90, Alpa Plus, X1D. 1/15, f8, iso200.
  3. danlindberg

    What is a good lens kit for the Hasselblad 907x

    Since they are all optically excellent it is only matter of preference imho. I have always been a 3-lens-guy even though I have had boatloads of lenses over the decades. But in the end I always bring/use 3 basic lenses. My most wanted lens in the XCD line was the 21. This is the lens that made...
  4. danlindberg

    x1d backfocus

    Tried it and it is much more accurate!!! 7 quick images just around me and focus where I wanted it on 6 of them. Much appreciated for the advise :)
  5. danlindberg

    x1d backfocus

    I'll try that now...thanks :)
  6. danlindberg

    x1d backfocus

    Anyone have a tip on how to adjust backfocus on X1D? I have mk.1 body and XCD90. I was asked to do a few portraits yesterday and when looking through the series of images I realised imediately that 80% were focused on the tip of the ear and eye soft even if that's where I aimed all the time...