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    Sigma DP2 Merrill shots

    I have ported Georg's script to Windows and Georg is hosting that version on his Dropbox account. There is a "wrapper" application available to provide a GUI front end for Kalpanika. I believe they may be working on incorporating the script in that application. p.s. I am writing this as my...
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    SIGMA SD1 shots

    I'd like to say some small thing in support of the Quattro. Not because I own one (I don't) but simply to relate some facts. Rick Decker, one of the Sigma forum mods over on DPReview, kindly organised a European "print" tour which I was lucky enough to participate in. A large cardboard tube...
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    Sigma DP0 Quattro shots

    Ted's suggestion about turning down sharpening in SPP is a good one. I use -0.8 but even lower settings are justifiable. Another suggestion: reduce colour noise reduction. I don't know why, but this setting doesn't just reduce colour noise, it also enhances that gritty micro-contrast the...
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    Sigma DP0 Quattro shots

    It's a nice idea and perhaps one that a company like Sony would have deep enough pockets to fund. But Sigma are a smallish company building cameras with mainly in-house technology and it shows in their products. For example, the inefficient file sizes from the 3 layer sensor and the huge...
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    Sigma DP0 Quattro shots

    I think the main problem is that it takes a great deal of investment to build such a system. Sigma are a (relatively) small, family owned lens maker that dabbles with cameras. They lose money on making their cameras in a way that more conventional companies wouldn't/couldn't tolerate. If they...
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    Au Revoir

    Sounds reasonable - but do keep sharing the results ;-)
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    Au Revoir

    That's a shame, it's your pictures that are the main reason I pop in here from time to time.
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    Sigma Quattro series - Enduring issues

    Still got my 14n, Quentin. It's still crap ;-)
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    Sigma DP2 Merrill shots

    Quite a few people complain about highlight clipping and restricted DR with the SD15. This camera introduced the variable gain analogue front end to Foveon. Some Foveons are ISO-less (like the Merrills and the SD14 and earlier), some (like the Q) have the AFE. I've not used a AFE Sigma but...
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    Sigma DP2 Merrill shots

    Hi Quentin Given that digital cameras are like positive rather than negative film when it comes to judging exposure and that the Q appears to have reduced dynamic range (similar to other AFE Sigmas like the SD15?), does this not call for better management of the highlights by the photographer...
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    Fun with the Olympus OMD

    hi Jono That's an impressive bunch of chicken portraits. We've kept a small number of chickens in our suburban back garden for a few years now. We get them from a battery chicken rescue centre, all plucked and concentration camp victim-like and free range them as best we can. I can't say...
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    Sigma DP2 Quattro Shots

    From ground level with DP2 Merrill
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    New Sigma DP Merrill's?

    It's a bit tricky to tell from that slide but to my eyes those resolution figures look a bit dubious. It looks to me like they have been measured from within an aliased region. If you look above the indicated cut off point the chart looks like it has lost the 9 lines. At the point where they...
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    XE-1 - possible to connect to tablet?

    Yes. I went down the eyefi route. It works fine, just a little sluggishly.
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    Print Size Comparison - A7/A7r (andNikon DF)

    So, with Epson printers, what is the maximum uninterpolated input ppi that will improve printed detail? For example, what is the optimum print size from a 16MP sensor (assuming perfect technique)? In other words the just right print size, the size at which going bigger will lessen quality and...