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    Hey, if the Phase P30+ kit is still up for sale, please send me the eBay link.

    I was about to buy a P25 kit from CI for a much higher price, so am genuinely interested in this kit.

    The Mamiya is treating OK, it's the usual ZD issues, but I went in with eyes open. Film back not found, bad ISO, shallow buffer, etc....

    Does the P25 happen to be a plus? Literally today, I got a quote for a P30+, and that is a really great fashion/figure back, and that is more or less what I have been shooting.

    Feel free to have a look,

    user is Guest, pass matrix.

    Hi Dave,

    hope you are well and the Mamiya Kit is treating you well...

    Before I sell them I thought I'd let you know I'm selling my spare Mamiya 50mmm f4 shift.

    Plus I have a Mamiya 645 Bellows N version which is the one with tilt and shift options...

    Also, if you are trading the back up to a P25 etc... let me know, I have a P25 low mileage that I am half thinking about trading in for a P45...

    Either way, hope all is well, best to you and the family... I will be out in Canyonlands and Monument Valley June 7th-13th if you are out that way.... I'll miss Don Libby and Ken Doh by a week... bummer...


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