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  • Hi Graham, how are you? hope you have time to answer some of my questions
    regarding my equipment or better my search to upgrade it and finally go digital with my medium format
    I have 2 rolleiflex 6006 serie ,
    3 lenses ( 50mm , 1:4 , HFT ) ( 80mm , 1:2.8 , HFT ) ( 150mm , 1:4 , HTF )
    a couple of backs and I'm looking to go digital, what would e my best move?
    going to get a HY6 or a rollei 6008 ?
    are you still selling your back with the adapter ?
    also wich of the system are still square?
    thanks for your time and suggestions.

    ( 619 ) 746 8634
    [email protected]
    Hehe, thanks for looking. I will sell some stuff and stick to the cheaper lenses until I improve my financial situation a bit. Then this is probably the first lens I will look for, provided I end up liking the system as much as I hope.

    I think that stocking up on Rolleiflex lenses is probably the way to go, and if I want to go digital, picking up a Hy6 with a Leaf back. For now, I am getting 50/80/150.

    Unfortunately the camera I bought (6008i) seems to have some issues. It is generally in nice shape, but the film insert was broken (replaced), the handle kinda comes apart since the top two screws have been ripped out of their threads (I will probably just glue it, I don't need to open it), and more seriously, the spot metering seems off. If I look at an area of wall right next to a window, I get one metering, but as soon as I include just a tiny bit of window at the edge, the metering value shoots up, even in spot mode. I don't presume this is the way it is meant to work?
    I Graham,
    I evaluate to buy a used 6008 for film use. (Film Magazines for the Hy6 are so expensive and only 645).
    I wouldnt necesarly need AF but wonder if the integral 2 has any advantages over a 6008 pro.
    Maybe you have any recommendations which body to choose?
    Thanks a lot, Tom
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