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Hulyss Bowman
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  • Hello Hulyss,

    I have question on the Merrill DP3 to use in studio.

    I used my DP3 for landscape etc. now I would like to do portraits, I would love to use it for the image quality and large files so I can print big. I have seen some of your samples here & on LULA.

    I'll be using it in studio with controlled lighting mainly on a tripod, the style I'll be shooting is adults, corporate/executive style, no fashion or kids. I know a bit of the restrictions of the camera, slow processing, restricted ISO, but not in studio.

    What type of lighting can I use? Can I use continuous lighting, fluorescent or LED, how much power do I need so I can stay with low ISO before the image is breaking down and defeats the purpose.

    I am especially interested in the new LED lighting kits from this company Fiilex LED Lights its LED with the compactness of mono lights, or the Westcott SkyLux LED.

    Your help will be immensely appreciated.

    Thank you :)
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