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Recent content by mikel

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    Linhof Technorama 617s II with center filter and case

    I have for sale a Linhof Technorama 617s II with center filter and case. Both the camera and center filter are in excellent condition. The 90mm Super Angulon lens is clean and clear of haze, scratches, and cleaning marks. I wish I had the time to use it these days, and would love to sell to...
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    R.H. Phillips Compact II

    Hi all, I was planning on keeping the Compact II and selling the Explorer, but either works for my needs. The Compact II is in excellent condition, both functionally and cosmetically. The Compact II comes with the plexiglass ground glass protector. The back rotates for both landscape and...
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    R.H. Phillips Explorer 8x10 camera

    Hi all, I'm posting my R.H. Phillips Explorer 8x10 again. This is one of those unicorns. I'm not using it enough and I thought I'd release it into the wild. In excellent condition, all black version. $10000 Local pick up in SF Bay Area.
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    Leica 75mm Summilux for sale

    Hi All, I also have for sale a Leica 75mm summilux. The body has some wear spots as you can see in the photos. Glass is clean of any scratches or cleaning marks. Slight moisture on the aperture blades, so it could use a CLA at some point. Focus is smooth. For sale at $2650 with paypal fees and...
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    Mamiya 7ii with 80mm, Hasselblad 203FE with 110mm, R.H. Phillips 8x10

    Hi all, I have three items for sale: Mamiya 7ii with 80mm lens. The body and lens are in excellent condition. Shutter speeds are accurate, no problems. Unfortunately I can’t find the hood for the 80mm. $2700 or best offer. Hasselblad 203FE with 110mm FE lens. Both the body and lens are in...
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    WTB 60mm Curtagon for Exakta 66

    Hi all, I’m looking for a 60mm Curtagon for Exakta 66. Thanks! Mike
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    Mint Rolleiflex 2.8f white face and Tele Rolleiflex white face

    Hi Everyone, I'm selling the following gear. I'll submit a post below with photos. First is a late model Rolleiflex 2.8F with a white face. This one is mint. No haze or cleaning marks on the glass. Includes the case, strap, cap, rubber hood, and Rolleinar-filter set (Rolleinar 2). Rolleiflex...
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    FS- Leica 35mm Summilux ASPH non-FLE

    Hi all, I have a 35mm Summilux ASPH for sale. The lens is in excellent condition. The lens elements are perfect. The lens barrel has almost no wear. I'll post some photos tomorrow. Includes front cap, hood and hood cap, and rear cap. No box or stuff. The sale price, $3100, includes all fees...
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    SOLD: Leica M4 in excellent condition, recent CLA by Sherry

    Hi all, I have a Leica M4 for sale that has seen little use. I can see a few bright marks in the chrome on the base plate and a faint one on the back near the flash connector. Otherwise it looks new. Sherry K. just cleaned, lubed, and adjusted it. I'm not using it, and I'm not using 35mm enough...
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    FS- Leica 35mm summilux asph and 75mm summilux

    Hi all, I have for sale a first version Leica 35mm summilux ASPH with hood, hood cap, and rear cap. -I see one very tiny mark on the focus ring, otherwise the lens looks new. -Front and rear elements are perfect. -Focus and aperture work like new. -I no longer have the box or case. -No 6-bit...
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    SOLD: Rolleiflex f2.8 Planar Type 2 “White Face” K7F2

    Hi all, Up for sale is a Rolleiflex f2.8 Planar Type 2 “White Face” K7F2 with in excellent condition. It is 120 film only and has the hump back which allows use of the flat glass plate. Cosmetically, the camera is in excellent condition. There are a couple fine nicks in the paint which can be...
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    Leica black paint M4, 35mm titanium pre-asph summilux

    Spring cleaning time. I have for sale some Leica gear that I'm not using, and I could use the cash. 1. Leica M4 black paint The M4 is an original black paint camera in fine condition and the smoothest working Leica M that I’ve used. See photos for condition. There are a few points where brass...
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    FS: Leica M4 and 35mm summicron version 1 8 element

    Hi all, I'm selling a Leica M4 and 35mm summicron version 1 with 8 elements. 1. Leica M4 in great condition (see photos). The top plate has almost no marks other than a faint meter mark near the large L. There are tool marks on the advance lever and self-timer lever from a previous local repair...
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    FS: Widelux 7 with case and filters

    Hi all, I have a Widelux 7 with leather half case and filters looking for a good home. The camera is in fine condition. There are a couple spots where the finish has chipped off, please see the photos. Turret and aperture rotation is smooth. It was inspected for banding before I purchased it...
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    SOLD: Leica 35mm chrome summicron v.4 with caps and box

    For sale: Chrome Leica 35mm summicron version 4 with front and rear caps, and box. This one is a real jem. No case and hood unfortunately. The lens is mint, with perfect glass, very solid aperture clicks, and smooth focus. Only selling since it is redundant, I have a 35mm pre-asph summilux and...