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    M10 Monochrome

    I confess I’m tempted. I’ve more than once had serious trouble with Leica’s slow-motion service department, so I fear this is a ‘Lucy and the football’ trap and I’ll get nicked again. But I’m mostly just using Sony bodies with Leica lenses and printing BW. Stop me before I trade in a bunch...
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    FS: Sony A7rII with Kolari mod for Leica M lenses

    I'm sorry I didn't see this and reply promptly! I've sent you a PM. I should have added in my message that the images posted on SHADOWSCAPES - KIRK THOMPSON PHOTOGRAPHY were taken with the Leica Tri-Elmars – 16-21 and 28-50. Kirk
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    FS: Sony A7rII with Kolari mod for Leica M lenses

    It's time to sell my A7RII with Kolari sensor modification. The modification makes it more compatible with Leica and other 'legacy' M-mount lenses. It includes a Leica M to Sony FE adapter and the usual accessories. It did much of the work for this book (SHADOWSCAPES - Kirk Thompson...
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    CCD Celebration - Leica selling refurbished M9 a la carte

    Does anyone else react with ‘Yuk’? Kirk
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    New Leica M-E (Typ. 240)

    Doesn’t mention live view? Kirk
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    I am so glad Sigma is going to push me towards bankruptcy...

    I guess it’s nice that it has interchangeable lenses. But I see no EVF, and this has a 24 MP sensor instead of 42. So I’d much prefer either RX1r2 or new Leica Q for small FF camera. Kirk
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    The Definitive Sony B&W Images Thread

    A bit of Wildcat Creek, Tilden, Berkeley A7r2, Tri-Elmar
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    Fun With Sony Cameras

    A bit of Wildcat Creek, Tilden, Berkeley Kirk A7r2 with Tri-Elmar
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    LOWERED MORE>>> SB700 Flash and Sekonic Spot/flash meter

    re: LOWERED MORE>>> Nikon 70-200 f4 VR-G Lens, Flash and Sekonic Spot/flash meter Please describe Petzval - 58mm? 85mm? Kirk
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    A modern SWC

    What a lovely day you had, Dan - and such smoothly modulated tones. Wishing you many more, Kirk
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    Leica Tri-Elmar 28 35 50 Version 2

    Does everyone know how well these work on Sony A7/9? They’re retrofocus, so they cover the corners well. Kirk
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    Fun with MF images - ARCHIVED - FOR VIEWING ONLY

    Light and leaves UC Botanical Garden, Berkeley Kirk GFX 50S, 32-64
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    So Leica makes cameras for pros... Really?????

    Can’t help but agree - 30 years fine performance and service in the analog era; but delivery of defective products and truly abominable service in digital era. I remain loyal to some of my Leica lenses, but will never use them again on a Leica body. Kirk