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Recent content by Thorkil

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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    another f1.4-one Nikon Z7 with 28/1.4D at iso 64 1/80 f1.4 thorkil
  2. 28/1.4D on Z7

    28/1.4D on Z7

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    Where in The "Land of Enchantment" ...

    Is it him here on
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    Where in The "Land of Enchantment" ...

    and you did post him, Bart? (I guess you did)
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    looks good Keith, perhaps one should try the old 28/1.4D out some day...:)
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    Thank you! :)
  7. underwaterspring


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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    underwaterspring Nikon Z7 with 14-24/2.8S at 24mm iso 180 f7.1 1/60 through C1pro22 thorkil
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    Fun with Medium Format FILM Images!

    Venice before sunset 2003 Hasselbad SWC Fuji Velvia thorkil
  10. SWC Venice

    SWC Venice

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    late news is better than no news..., so:
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    Mount Fuji Active

    yes, its just fine as it is Bart, and a lovely bokeh...
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    Fun with 4/3rds cameras/ Image Thread

    congrats Jørgen with your liberation from Denmark in 1814 :), even though it was a short relief while the swedes came along and grabbed you for the next 90 years :cautious: thorkil
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    Keith, this is absolutely a wonderful presence and filmic mood thorkil
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    Fun with Nikon Images 2022

    Sergtum, on your Flickr photo stream, you have this nice winter-street view with an old Russian wooden house to the right. Whenever (or sometimes...) you pass by such antic wooden house, please share it with us. They are so wonderful and reminds me of the melancholic mood from Doctor Zivago and...