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4K/60fps with cheap cards - no problem


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Today arrived first of my (from China) five (different) ordered 32GB
microSD cards (each ~3€) suited for 4K/60fps (SJ8 Pro, Yi 4K+, DJI Osmo Pocket)

last year from amazon & China



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Today arrived some microSD cards from China, all suited for 4K/60fps.
Also from amazon some adapters, now I can connect my DJI Osmo pocket
to each smartphone with microUSB.



The big difference is the write speed, with name-brand card more than twice as fast. I would have thought that you need a card rated at 90MB/s minimum to do 4K, but it depends on how much compression the camera is using.
Did you try filling-up the card? I wonder how much performance you lose when you get closer to full capacity.


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Of course I also have faster cards (r 95, w 85), but for my cameras with 4K/60fps they are fast enough