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907x/x1d2 sensor readout with adapted lenses? Better than x1d orignal?


Hi there,
I had the x1d 4416 and it was nearly impossible to use adapted lenses ( manual focus, non leaf, eg leica / etc) since the sensor readout was so slow, specially on portraits ir something that resembled moving stuff

Has this been improved in the x1dii or 907? Or since its the same sensor, the same problem is there?

Is there the same issue with V lenses?


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AFAIK Same sensor, same problem regarding third party adapted lenses on the 907x body or X1DII and readout with electronic shutter.

I think the CFVII can trigger V system lenses when using a V-system body (but not with the XV adapter on the 907x body or X1DII) but don’t quote me on that.

You may want to check out the manuals if you haven’t already, they might have some of the info you’re looking for.


Yes the CFVII can time its exposure with the triggering of a V lens leaf shutter in most V bodies. The V body triggers the lens shutter and the CFVII's sensor at the same time. With the V adapter there is no V-body to do the triggering - therefore electronic shutter only.

As per above, reading the manual and some internet reviews will be helpful.


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I've used the eshutter in the 907x quite a lot to use adapted Leica R and M lenses, but it has the same 300ms readout speed as the X1D so it is not useful for subjects with motion in them and cannot be used with electronic flash easily either. V system lenses adapted with the XV Adapter are the same as any other adapted lenses on the 907x body: eshutter only. If you want to use the V system lens shutter for fast responsiveness, you fit the CFVII50c back to a Hasselblad SLR body, and use the lenses in their native mount configuration. This works beautifully.