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A7 series flash options.

I've scaled back to A7rII body and Leica lenses, and have been sorting and selling and giving away Leica accessories that had accumulated like geological strata.

I just came upon my Leica SF 58 flash unit, which I haven't used in several years. I'd used it for bounce/fill flash using a Nikon SC-28 TTL remote cord.

I see that folks use Nissan flash with the A7 series, but I wonder if there's still a way to use an older / less dedicated unit like the Leica 58?

I'm devoted to natural light and rarely use flash. I just don't want to sell or give away something useful if I might be functional within some limitations.

Advice appreciated,



Kirk, Both the chord and the flash are still useful as long as you use it in manual mode.

If you want TTL and HSS (high speed sync), you need dedicated flash systems. In that event go for a radio controlled one. Nissin (not the car company! ) are the first to offer it but not neccessarily the most desirable. Now, Sony and others offer the radio wireless TTL options.


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The SF58 is a pretty expensive dedicated TTL flash for Leica cameras such as the M, R, and S series ($570. on Amazon). Used they list for around $350+. I have 2 of them for my S kit.

Basically, it is a Metz flash made to Leica TTL/HSS specs, and would seem very costly to use in manual mode compared to flash you can buy for occasional fill-flash use with your Sony ...not to mention being a bit oversized on the Sony A7 cameras.

I use a pair of Nissin Sony compatible Radio controlled speed-lights for less demanding off-camera work (where battery powered studio lighting is not practical, or not needed). While the radio version Nissins are dedicated for wireless flash they are over-sized for the Sony A7s when used on-camera ... so, I only use them off-camera with the smaller Nissan radio transmitter in the hot-shoe ... they have been consistent and reliable, even under longer term heavy-duty duty use like at a wedding.

For general fill-flash work with the Sony A7R-II, I either use the very small Nissin i40, or more recently the Sony dedicated Metz 44 AF-2 Digital for Sony Multi Interface Shoe. This Metz is relatively light weight and is balanced on the A7s, is easy to use, has excellent ergonomic controls, and has proven to be very consistent and accurate for general use in TTL or manually set ... all for $230. new.

Kirk, were I you, I'd sell the SF58 for enough to get the Metz 44.

- Marc
Thanks for this prompt and thoughtful advice, In following it, I'll abandon the SF 58 and then buy an appropriate unit for Sony if / when I actually need one.

Very helpful!