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Accidental Images


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A thread on aspect ratios turned to the subject of accidental images. I'll start here with my favorite examples:

From an M9 that fired as I was setting it down on a bench:

A misfire while carrying a Leica S(006):

This is a tight crop from a picture of a discarded water bottle. I didn't notice the writing inside many of the droplets - it's too small to see in the full frame. I think this counts as an accident, even though I meant to take the picture. Leica S(006) with 120/2.5 Macro:

Other happy accidents welcome!




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I've moved this accident here and will edit it out of wherever I first put it ..... if I can recall where?
(Is there a search for your own posts facility on this site?).

As I only take images with micro 4/3rds now, that is the only lounge that I visit on a regular basis
(I enjoy our friendly little 'club' :thumbup:);
I hope that others do not share my habit :eek:.

ETA I didn't realise that it's too late to edit my original post :confused:


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I have a friend ( a successful film director and animator ) who at one time was obsessed with 'quality'
in terms of the hardware of cameras (and other material things except cars) to get a result, but now he just walks around with a compact in his hand randomly pressing the shutter and at the end of the day sees what he's accidently captured ....... but in this incidence - are they accidents?


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Most of my images are accidents, train wrecks to be more precise. But what does a lack of intension have to do with it? I simply might not be a good driver...



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Well, I suppose images that were accidentally better than intended are welcome - that was my third one above. If that's all of them, then post them all!



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Well Matt.
I typically shoot a number of images of a scene and on inspection on my computer sometimes discover stuff I had not seen when taking the image.
Also small differences in holding the camera can have quite a big effect for me liking or discarding an image.
Those can either be accidents or welcome surprises. :grin: