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Alpa STC Camera and Accessories

I have my Alpa STC camera for sale, and associated accessories, which are in pristine condition. The camera is without any marks at all, in really good shape. It comes with an attached Rosewood handgrip, an Alpa Dovetail tripod mount, and the Alpa Back Adapter MA645AB for Phase One digital backs. I would like to keep these three items together as a package, while the other accessories can be sold separately, after the buyer of the camera has first choice on accessories. Paypal OK.
I will add additional pictures later too.

Alpa STC Camera with Rosewood handgrip, Alpa Back Adapter MA645AB, and Alpa Dovetail- $3,800.00

Alpa Rodenstock 50mm f4.0 HR ('Alpagon') Lens in SB 34- $3,800.00
Alpa Multi-Use Adapter 17mm- $300.00
Alpa Tilt-Swing Adapter 17mm/0-5 degrees- $950.00
Alpa Large Dovetail Tripod Mount- $ 75.00

The Adapters are in excellent condition, with no marks on them. The Dovetail has some signs of wear and regular usage. The second dovetail is very handy, as it can be added to the side of the camera, and allows you to turn the camera from horizontal to vertical- without having to remove the digital back.

Alpa Ground Glass with Alpa 6x7 (56x72mm) Mask- $395.00

The ground glass is in excellent condition. The mask has some fine polishing marks; minor marking on the plastic.

Alpa Pro Lens Shade PLS-70-75 $250.00

Some minor marks and wear on the housing. A handy lens shade that fits multiple lens sizes.

Kapture Group One Shot wake up cable $125.00
Alpa Sync Release and Sync Cabling $400.00

Note that the Sync Cable is Mark II, while the Sync release device is Mark I. Some slight wear marks on the junction box for each cable.

Alpa SDH (Smart Device Holder) for i-phone mounting to your camera, combined with the phone case and Alpa ACAM super-wide converter lens (for iPhone 6). $375.00

The lens and the holder are in perfect mint condition. The plastic case that holds the phone has some marks on the plastic.

Thanks for looking.


(Shipping via FedEx in the USA. Cost range- $10-30 dollars.)
One note on the 50mm lens; just to be perfectly clear, the lens is the Rodenstock HR 50mm f4.0 lens with a Copal 0 shutter. The lens and shutter are in perfect condition, and appear almost as new. The lens barrel says 'Rodenstock', instead of Alpagon, which is the Alpa renaming of the lens. The original box for the lens says HR Alpagon. The reason for this is that the lens was pre-selected by me, and sent to Alpa, where they performed the detailed testing and mounting to their specifications. The lens was perfectly adjusted- I am sure they would not have put their Alpagon logo on the box otherwise.
I have both lens caps, and the Alpa rear protection cover, as well as the original box for the lens. In addition, the lens has the HPF ring mounted on it, calibrated in feet. I also have the same HPF ring in meters for purchase. The reason I have both HPF rings is that I originally had it mounted in meters, but realized I tended to think in terms of feet, so I changed it.
This is a great lens for stitching; a 3 panel stitch will provide a wide panoramic view.
Sale pending on the 17mm adapters, dovetail, and the 50mm Rodenstock lens.
The camera and other accessories are still available.