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Alpha lenses that work well on the NEX


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I love my little NEX7 but don't love the lens choice available! There are one or two good ones that can be had but nothing like those available for the Olympus for example. There seems a real poverty of availability even for those that should be available with little or no stock in many UK shops.

My solution was to get an LA-EA2 adapter and use my A mount lenses (as well as some Contax G lenses via an appropriate adapter but that is for another thread!).

I found that there were some interesting results. For example my Zeiss 135/1.8 works beautifully whereas my 100-300 APO D was a disappointment (although itb works perfectly well on my A900). I get better results with the NEX7/LA-EA2 my Sony 50/1.4 than I do with either my A900 or A700, but the true masterpiece is my Minolta 100/2 which seems made for use on the NEX7.

So what have you discovered?
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I might have discovered something really useful. If I get a free few hour block, I will open up the NEX-7 and fix a nagging problem. If that works, I will likely get another NEX-7. Not interested in the LA-EA combos.


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With the EA2, I love the 16-80 Alpha/Zeiss lens. I wish it went to 135mm or so, but it still stays on the camera most of the time.

The little 35mm 1.8 SAM lens is nice on the 7. Not too big, focuses quickly and I can live with the focal equivalent and fast(ish) speed.

I also like the 135mm Zeiss on it but have not been super enamored with the 24mm f/2 Zeiss. I think I like the e-mount 24mm 1.8 better. The A-mount is plenty sharp but I'm not liking the overall signature - not enough shallow DOF for my tastes in a 35mm equivalent.


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Paul2660: that's a nice lens, I sold mine when I went FF and have always regretted it. I wish there was a FF version. My Sony 24-105 is also good for the same kind of reasons.

Slow Performance: I've had greater success with longer lenses such as the 135/1.8 as you have but haven't found the need for wider lenses as I have the Sigma 19mm and 30mm. The Zeiss 24mm/2 seems to be better on FF rather than APSc if for no other reason than the bulk, but I'd agree with you the E24/1.8 is a better lens to use on the NEX optically.

I tried to use my Minolta 100/2.8 macro to photograph a spider with my NEX7 but found the AF performance left a lot to be desired and got much better results on my A900.


The Zeiss 24mm/2 seems to be better on FF rather than APSc if for no other reason than the bulk, but I'd agree with you the E24/1.8 is a better lens to use on the NEX optically.
Consider the possibility that the NEX-7 may have a problem instead of the lens. The way that sensor is implemented in NEX-7 causes a whole host of problems, including corner unsharpness, color shifts and such. I have reasons to believe that there is nothing wrong with the sensor at all and it (7) should work as good as or better than the cheaper NEX-C3 but for some built in hindrances (I speculate that it is deliberate).

Instead of hoping that Sony would make a NEX-7 type cam with the performance of the C3 or 5N, I plan to make the 7 work for me with my existing lenses, including the CV 15/4.5. I am not pleased that a lot of time and effort has to be put in to do this.


New member
Hello there Vivek, nice to hear from you.

I'd agree that the problem is with the NEX7. Your suggestion is very interesting, I had always had the understanding that the problem was with the sensor because the NEX 5 seemed better with rangefinder wide-angle lenses. So what makes you think otherwise?


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I'm interested in hearing from you when you have 'fixed' your NEX-7 Vivek. I know some interested parties who would love to know how you did it if you succeed.

Rich M

Vivek.....I hope whatever mod you do only requires hammer, chisel and vise grips.

Anything else is out of my range. ;)



New member
nice one vivek, look forward to nex 7 modding. For those that don't, get a C3 ot a 5n. 16MP is really usable.