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  • Thanks for sharing info and experience.

    Here is a link to prices in Sweden, they can be either wit sales tax included or execluded. The price of the IQ250 without sales tax should be 247 647,00 SEK. The IQ 260 is a 255 000 SEK. Essentially the same price. It is about 7.4 SEK to the USD. So the prices here would be around 33.4 - 34.5 kUSD. Swedish prices are often higher than US.

    Goecker | Professionell försäljning av foto och video - utrustning -

    Best regards
    Hi Paul,

    I had a great time speaking with you today.
    It is amazing that we have such similar photographic interests.

    I just finished viewing your beautiful images on your website.

    I would love to see some of these images in print form.
    Nothing like viewing a high quality photograph.

    The vista from Sam’s Throne in Searcy County, Arkansas is breath-taking.
    How does it hold up in a print? I am not familiar with the camera you used.
    I also love the Haw Creek Falls images and Petit Jeans cavesite.

    You do a great deal of stitching? This is something I have been interested in doing, since I don't have a $30,000 60mp digital back.

    I also want to try some photo stacking techniques. Have you ever done this for increased depth of field?

    Please stay in touch.

    All the best,
    i'm using an altus II 7 (DM33) and i'm not completely satisfied with the result for semi long exposure (10s to 30s..).
    I've just run a test of a credo 60, and it's not good enough to justify the swap.
    i'll be pleased to look at raw files from an iQ260 at 30s 1m and more !
    Do you think it will be possible that you send me some files for inspection ?
    Maybe i'm asking too much to CCD...

    Best regards from france !

    [email protected]

    Let me know what address to use and I will get it out to you tomorrow. It's very basic in design but will just slip right over the lens shade. The foam I used will block out the light in the cut outs.


    Many thanks for the offer. I'd be very keen to try the filter assembly and if successful I'd happily buy it from you if you're interested.

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