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Another fine XCD lens ...


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The XCD 65mm f/2.8 lens for my Hasselblad 907x arrived yesterday. It's a meaty, beefy normal lens and makes such beautiful photos! Time to go for a walk with it.


Pardon the slightly cheesy beauty shots...

Hasselblad 907x SE + XCD 65mm f/2.8



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Always wanted to try that one, but sold off the Hassy kit before I could. It just seemed too incremental of a step for me between the 45P and 90/3.2. Interested to hear your take on it and see some images!


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I took the camera as configured in the above photos out on a walk yesterday and made a couple of dozen exposures with it, getting the feel of the XCD 65 lens. It's not much bigger than the 45P lens, a little shorter than the 90mm, but it's a heavier than either and you can feel the weight of the lens elements as it focuses. The camera as configured proves a bit bulky but comfortable to carry with the strap across my body, and it's quick to pick up and make a casual photo with.

To the note about being too incremental a step: Well, for me they are all three very different! I've found the 45P often a bit too wide and the 90 a bit too long as those two are equivalents of the 35FF 35mm and 75mm focal lengths. The 65mm is the format normal ... and when I look at all the photographs from all the different formats over the years, I'd say that something on the order of 80% of them are made with the normal lens for the format. I was feeling that I wasn't shooting with the 907x all that much and not really understanding why ... Now I know: I didn't have a normal lens. I suspect I'll get this camera out much more often now that I have the 65mm... such it is!! :D

I stopped in a cafe to get some lunch and a drink of water ... warm out and I'd been walking for about 2 miles or so. I connected up my iPhone to the 907x to review the photos in Phocus Mobile 2 ... a bit more screen real estate to play with ... and was diddling about with the camera control features when I saw the table across from me with an older man and his grandson. They were deep in conversation. I made the exposure and quickly cropped away about 40% of it, then took it around to show them on the iPhone. They were very pleasant, had been discussing the young man's school work—he's a college student. I emailed the photo to them on the spot. I later re-rendered the photo at home in Lightroom Classic with the same crop and a bit of modest cleanup to the lighting. I didn't even bother looking at noise reduction as I like the feel of the lightly grainy appearance, barely visible at this resolution.

Grandfather and Grandson - Santa Clara 2021
Hasselblad 907x + XCD 65mm f/2.8
ISO 3200 @ f/5.6 @ 1/250

I have to say, this is a wonderful lens! It's heavy but quick in use, a bit noisier than the other XCDs I've got, and the imaging is superb. Very glad I went for it! More soon...