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Any examples with the Mamiya RZ 50mm ULD/Canon 50mm TSE and Cambo Actus and GFX?

Was just wondering if anybody had use the Mamiya RZ 50mm ULD with the Cambo Actus and GFX?

I have read that it is optimised for better edge performance compared to the standard 50mm.

I have both the Pentax 67 45mm and the Hasselblad 50mm FLE for use on my GFX 50S and find that I can get 12mm or so of clean shift with a Shift adapter before the edges get a bit mushy.

Would love to hear of anybody using this combination and what your impressions are?

Also, anybody using the Canon 50mm TS-E with this setup? Would love to know if i can get more than 12mm of movement, at closer distances?

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