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Architecture, Buildings, and Structures


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Yesterday I spent the whole day in Fort 7, an old fort of the inner defense ring of Antwerp built around the middle of the 19th century. It's in quite a derelict state and actually on a nature reserve which is not open to the public except for a few guided tours in the summer month. But a friend of mine used to be a guide there so he arranged for a full day there with 3 photographers. As you can imagine we had a ball and were sorry to leave after it became dark around 4 pm.

Entry gate

Light behind the door

Looking out

Light behind another door

Flank bunker on the grounds outside of the fort

A literally deblocked entrance

All Sony A7ii + Meyer Görlitz Oreston 50/1.8


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The redoubt of Fort 7 of the inner defense ring around Antwerp. The redoubt was the last central resort the soldiers could try to defend in case the outer defense structures of the fort were lost. Since these forts were never really used in a war this strategy was never tested in practice. But it is known that the strong defense forts all around Belgium withheld both the French and the Germans in their war of 1870/1871 to try to move through Belgium and attack the other party in the back.

Sony A7Rii (APS-C crop) + E10-18/4


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A piece of "brutal" 60's architecture close to where I live.

It used to be a decent furniture store but after that went out of business several years ago it became a low level outlet for unsold stock and slightly damaged show pieces.
The building/plot is for sale and in a bad state of maintenance but every business that tried to buy it didn't get permission from the town council to tear it down and start something new there. I guess we'll be looking at this architectural monstrosity for a bit longer.

Sony A7ii + Minolta MC Rokkor 17/4