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Arctic Norway in Summer (Lofoten and Svalbard)

I am looking for adventure in Norway this Summer. Lofoten is the area I have my eye on right now. This is an area I've never visited before and would be open to any photography and travel advice.

Additionally, I've always been fascinated with Svalbard, so I'm going to try and plan time up there too. There's not as many resources to research this destination so again any advice is appreciated.

Typically I rent a car and do a lot of hiking on these types of trips. No camping this time though.

I photograph landscapes mostly but like viewing wildlife too.
Update: I have decided to join a sailing expedition around Svalbard for the first part of the trip. We will set out from Longyearbyen for 10 days and head where ever the weather takes us. At some point I'm sure I'll be remiss that I don't have a proper wildlife setup, but I got rid of all my long lenses and other heavy gear. I'll be bringing an ultra-wide for the landscapes and using it with my (Alpa) tech-cam.

Still planning on Lofoten for week 2. Driving, hiking, and taking it a little easier on dry land. Would like to make sure and see Senja and make our way down towards Reine/Homony. Maybe even take the ferry all the way to the last island. Any tips on this area?

And finally Faroe Islands for week 3. Locations are still largely TBD for this leg as it was a later add to the itinerary. Anyone been???