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Back after a very long (long) dry spell..


Have been working at Apple as a software engineer for the last 7 years... she's been a harsh mistress. The time available and focus necessary to share that with photography has decreased to almost nothing. Now, after those 7 years, and 40 years as a software engineer in Silicon Valley... I'm slowing down. 60 seems to be a good age to start making the transition from 11 hour days @ 6 days/week... to a more 'normal' life... and re-discover the passion that's been missing from the photographic side of me.

I suspect the membership of the forum has changed greatly.. but it looks like some of the 'old-timers' are still around. This site was where I spent most of my 'social' aspect of photography.. and it feels good to be back.

Hello to all who knew me, and hope to make new friends here as well.

Wishing everyone great light!


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Welcome back!

I personally look forward to your wonderful platinum toned pics.

Best regards,



New member
Boo, they haven't banned me here yet!

For those who don't know Jim, he is a superb and quite expert photographer.


Boo, they haven't banned me here yet!

For those who don't know Jim, he is a superb and quite expert photographer.

Thanks! (not sure how hard it is to get banned anymore :D )

I've moved to shooting the Leica M9, Sony A7r (IR modified by LifePixel), and the A7rIII. Have the Zeiss Batis 25/2 & 85/1.8.. but for the most part, I use older lenses with mount adapters and manual focus on either of them.

Still have the Betterlight and 4x5 & 8x10.. but have since acquired a Canham 12x20" view camera. Still need a project for it.. maybe an extended road trip (not something you'd want to carry a long distance on your back)

Almost all of my printing is now either Platinum or Platinum over Color pigment. I've started working with Carbon prints as well (mono and color).

I have a workshop scheduled in a couple weeks to Faroe Islands (led by Bill Schwab ). Hopefully will get something out of the trip that's post-worthy.

Jorgen Udvang

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Welcome back! When people disappear to return back years later... that means I've been here for a long time, right :ROTFL:


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Yes, good to see you back, Jim :thumbup:

And that goes for you too, Guy :thumbup: