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Beautiful Hasselblad H1, 3 lenses and Phase One P25+ back kit


New member
I'm thinking of selling my H1 system and testing the waters to see if there is interest. I have the following:

Hasselblad H1 body - excellent plus 86.201 actuations
Phase One H101 P25+ back - Excellent plus 30,167 actuations
Hasselblad 80mm HC lens - excellent - 6591 actuations
Hasselblad HC 35mm lens - Excellent plus 32,027 actuations
Hasselblad 150mm HC lens - Near Mint 452 actuations
Three hand grip batteries plus charger
5 batteries plus charger for Phase One back
Lenses include front and rear caps and lens hoods
Back includes sensor cover.

All lenses have clean and clear glass. Camera, lenses and back operate as they should with no issues.

The P25+ back is a 22mp "fat" pixel back and has incredible 3-D quality. If you worry about not enough resolution I have found that if I process in Capture One and turn sharpening off and export as a tif file, Photoshop 2021 (when set to open all supported tifs in Camera Raw) will automatically open it in Camera Raw where you can set the enhance detail screen to double the resolution with no noticeable artifacts. No additional sharpening is necessary. This will yield a 27 by 36 inch file at 300ppi.

If interested let's talk. I prefer to sell together but if there is enough interest I might break it up.