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BEHOLDER MS1 Gimbal for GH4 etc.


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Search for "BEHOLDER MS1"

"Version 2" with additional plate

battery loaders for ALL batteries

"real" 18650 should > 45g (highets values ~ 3600mAh)
"fake" 18650 have < 35g (printed 4000 ... 8800mAh)



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Beholder MS-1 is for cameras up to 800g, but it works with my GH4 + 14-140mm (1100g)
(Beholder DS-1 for cameras up to 1700g ... and 32-bit controller)

NX500 + Samyang 8mm (810g)
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Picture from (Beholder stabilized) 4K video with Samsung Note3 smartphone



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BEHOLDER MS1 Gimbal modification for Samsung Note3 etc.

More weight with 3x metal plates



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Hi. I have exactly the same lens and camera setup. I've just bought the MS 1 and whenever it calibrates it then slowly tilts to the right then after a minute or two it will balance.

The second thing is that I can't joystick up or the viewfinder starts to get obstructed by the rear motor.

Did you have to change any software settings?

Team Rebel told me that this setup is impossible to balance?



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Beholder MS1 adapted with additional weights for action cams or smartphones - works fine!