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Best approach to get a 5:4 ratio with GFX 100S and Canon 24mm TS-E II?

Will start this off by saying that I know that the GFX series has a number of ratio aspects, including 5:4. Am looking to use my Canon 24mm TS-E II with a full 12mm of "clean" shift (currently I rate this at about 5-6mm) and just wondering the best approach?

Am I best just to shoot in 35mm mode and crop the left/right sides off with a mask on the LCD? This will give me about 60mpx or so? Will also give me a less wide F.O.V which is desirable to me, as I find 24mm on the GFX too wide.

Anything I am missing? I feel like I could squeeze some more mpx out of it but am not sure the best approach.

Thanks in advance! :)