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Best Photo Vehicle

I have been considering for some time what would be the best vehicle to start doing more photo trips, involving mostly highway travel to and from different locations and sites. It would be great to be able to sleep overnight in the vehicle one night, and be able to handle dirt roads, but not necessarily extreme off-roading. I was just wondering what other photographers have found is the best solution for them.
On the one hand, having a nice driving and efficient ride is key for highways, which could mean an accessorized Toyota 4-Runner. On the other extreme, you could customize a Mercedes Sprinter, which would be better for overnight sleep in a backcountry locale, and the ride would still be good.
I have seen at least two picture of Ansel Adams with a big platform on top of his vehicle, and he talked about having the option of getting up high on his platform for some landscape work, to shoot over and above near bushes and trees. Any thoughts?




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I'm pretty happy with my 2008 4Runner V8 AWD which has just turned over 225,000 miles.. Very reliable and will go virtually anywhere. But like you say a 4WD Sprinter would be a better option but much more costly


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Last year I purchased a new 2018 Ford Transit Connect (TC) and had it converted into a camper by a professional conversion company. It is small, but I have a bed, ceiling fan, windows with screens, refrigerator, and ample storage for gear, food and supplies. Plus I am getting up to 29 mpg on the highway. Twelve years ago when I purchased my home, I did not think I would be wanting a camper for trips or I would not have bought where I did as my HOA forbids RVs in driveways, so they must fit in your garage which the TC does. Is it what I wanted? No. I want a pop top like this one. But, before I sink $85,000 into what I think I would like, I am testing the travelling waters with my TC first. I can always sell it if I decide I need the pop top as I am the kind of gal that prefers sleeping in the screen porch.

Thanks for starting this thread as it will be enjoyable to read other thoughts and experiences.

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May I just say Darr that you are cool.
it is a good idea to 'test the waters' with a starter vehicle before going for a full conversion. That can be very expensive very fast!