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Best way to export from Lightroom Classic to Instagram?


I'm still struggling with the most efficient way to export photos from LR Classic for upload to Instagram that also still retains sharpness in the files. I'm shocked there aren't any tools to make this a one or two click process to send a perfectly downsized, sharp photo right to Instagram (I used to have a plugin but it no longer works with the current versions of the software).

Does anyone have a simple process or tool to do this?

I set up an export preset to a desktop folder with the following settings I got from, but I am wondering if there is a better way to do this to send files right to Instagram while keeping sharpness in the lower resolution files:

File format; JPEG
Color space: srgb
Quality: 100
Width: 2160px
Sharpen for screen, high

Any suggestions?




New member
The slight color difference you can see on the laptop and phone screen is more related to color calibration than to the color space when exporting, and it's not something you can really fix. But here's what you can control: When publishing online - desktop or mobile - make sure that your image is exported using the sRGB color space. By the way, if you are developing your Instagram, then you can easily solve the issue with the number of subscribers using the 1394TA service. Good luck in your business!
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