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Biking and MF photography

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Hahaha... as odd as it may seem, my life on a Harley included a few injuries, and many close-calls, including a runaway Bull. My BMW K1200LT, not a single injury... not even with the airborne flight with the deer I hit one night at 60mph...I suppose it was the luck of the draw... divine guidance/protection? Fate? Or whatever, but it is a fact that motorcycles can present interesting outcomes while riding.

By far the most dangerous two wheeled adventure around my parts is riding a bicycle. I suppose I know 5x more people who have been killed on a bicycle around here than all of those I have lost from motorcycle accidents. I was nearly one of those many times in my own subdivision more times than I can count... it seems that we have many belligerent drivers who care nothing about a cyclist, his life or his family. They will literally run us off the road.

As a result, I no longer ride a bicycle, except on the rare occasion we can go on a long weekend vacation to the beach. Even then, I was nearly run over when a driver was watching the beach and not the road intersections.

Having said that, I really would not have enjoyed losing any of my cameras in either situation in the past. But I did and still carry some old film cameras from the 90s and some compact first caneras at times. The iPhone is always available too, as much as I dislike using it.

In all my years, I never came back with a single photograph that I would consider worth the trouble of keeping up with all the expensive and heavy gear. But that is just me. Now that my traveling days are over, I still prefer to live in the moment with the love of my life... not the cameras!... and spend each moment without distraction. I am sure it is a reciprocal feeling for her as well. Notwithstanding a snap or two for memories.

I admire those who carry expensive gear and make a photocentric trip out of riding, and enjoy it.

I suppose I have btdt and moved on. Or was I ever there to begin with? Lol, it doesn't matter, we all are different and I say if you enjoy anything, then by all means get out and do it. Life is shorter than you think, what are you waiting for?!!!!:):):)


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I've been riding bicycles since I was 8 and riding motorcycles since I was 21. I've had my fair share of spills on both, a few injuries now and then, and a few friends lost through each of these pursuits. I accept that: it's a fact of two-wheeled life. Around here, it's not substantively different than I can see to be on one or the other.

I only go out riding with the specific intent of doing photography relatively rarely, most of the time the iPhone is more than enough. The iPhone 8 Plus and a small stand makes a for very powerful photographic tool these days; add a Moment case and a couple of lenses to mix it up more and you can have your whole kit in a back pocket. Add a Light L16 ... and you have a 50 Mpixel camera to work with too, with not much more burden.

Whatever works to let you enjoy yourself ... both the ride and the photography.

Just tested the Easy Rider bag with my motorcycle jacket. It fits but the secondary strap is a bit too snug, and I'm at the end of the adjustment. So I sent a note to Wotancraft to see if they can supply me with a secondary strap that has length for two more adjustment holes. One would be enough; two gives me overhead for different riding gear (for instance, a rain suit over my jacket or a full touring suit).

In terms of gear, I can carry anything I ever want to carry in Leica M gear (body, three lenses, iPad Pro 9x7, Sirui T-025x tripod, etc) or my full Hassy SWC kit in it (tripod strapped on the bike elsewhere). Sans photo gear, it can carry a full bike touring needs' load. Or a lot in-between those two extremes. And it seems comfortable and secure ... it won't move around. A very nice piece—I'm pleased, it was pretty expensive and if it didn't work I'd send it back in a second.



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Follow up:

The Wotancraft folks sent me the longer securing strap for the Easy Rider that I requested, free of charge. And I bought the Mini version of the bag as well as a shoulder pad and a couple of their organizing pouches to go with both, and they made up the Mini Rider with the longer securing strap too. All excellent, beautiful materials and construction. Size-wise, even the Mini version is large enough for my Polaroids, the Light, or the M in a minimal kit. The Easy version will handle all of the above including my light tripod, or the Hasselblad 500CM or SWC. cameras.

The new securing strap is now sized so that at its minimum opening it fits me well in light, bicycle gear, and it can open up to be useful with even the bulkiest of my motorcycle riding gear. It's 8cm longer than the original strap I received. That's just right!

They're really excellent bags with lots of subtle and useful features. As good as the Peak Design Everyday Sling bags are—and they are very good, particularly the 5L—these Wotancraft bags go past that. They're a little heavier, but they hold more, fit better, move around less, are more protective, etc. Nice stuff!

Now what am I going to do with this heap of extra bags in my closet??? :rolleyes: