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Camera raw not opening multiple files


New member
I was recently having issues with Photoshop (it was taking way too long to open), so I've tried a CS6 2017 trial and when I went back to the 2015 version my workflow stopped working. I would select several photos on Bridge, then open them on Camera Raw for some quick adjustments and then I would open them all on Photoshop. Now I'm able to open them all from on Camera Raw but when I click on OPEN after I do the quick adjustments it goes back to Bridge instead of opening the photos on Photoshop. I'm able to use this workflow if I open one photo at the time though. Any thoughts on how to fix this that doesn't consist on reinstalling everything?


Sr. Administrator
Staff member
I guess it's my nit to deal with... My biggest issue is I see images posted here by some that tone-map everything and pretty heavily to the point they look gaudy for my tastes. And I believe the images would be so much better without it -- or at least without so much I know they're tone-mapped.


New member
Jack, I don´t think you understood my question. I´m simply asking for help to fix a software bug.
Please let us know how this work out. I've had the same experience and had simply assumed the software was designed so we can open only one image at a time by clicking/dragging.



New member
Ryan, I went to Edit - Preferences - General but I could not find Show "Start" Workspaces When No Documents Are Open" anywhere.