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Capture Integration: Shoot the Phase One XF & Meet the Imaging Professor 6/10, 6/12

Chris Valites

New member
Capture Integration: Shoot the Phase One XF & Meet the Imaging Professor 6/10, 6/12

Get Hands On with the new Phase One XF & Meet The Developer
Phase One XF Camera System Debut

Join Capture Integration on June 10th at our Manchester, NH office for an open house. We are happy to announce that in addition to having the Imaging Professor, Niels Knudsen here for questions and roundtable discussion, we will have the Phase One XF Camera system here for demonstration and use. The brand new Phase One XF camera represents a leap forward for Phase One users. Including an entirely overhauled autofocus system, powersharing between the back and the camera, as well as the ability to use a waist-level viewfinder, the Phase One XF camera system is a revolutionary leap forward that includes the following features:

  1. New Autofocus Platform – the Honeybee Autofocus Platform (HAP-1)
  2. New Flexible OneTouch user Interface
  3. New IQ3 Digital Backs
  4. New Capture One 8.3
  5. New Modular Viewfinders

Phase One and Capture Integration are excited to have this camera available for you to use and demo and cannot wait to put it in your hands at this VIP training. Come sign up at the appropriate events page today:

New England RSVP Page

Miami RSVP Page

Niels V. Knudsen from Phase One

Direct from Denmark - Joining us in attendance will be Niels Knudsen, Phase One’s Image Quality Professor. Niels is personally responsible for breakthrough achievements in image quality in both Phase One digital camera systems and imaging software. We will have the best equipment on the market available for testing and demonstration. Phase One, Mamiya Leaf, Profoto, ALPA, Cambo, and more - allowing you to get hands on with the very best medium format camera technology and lighting Capture Integration has to offer. Food and refreshments will be served. We cannot wait to see you here.

Also on hand will be additional members of the Capture Integration team:

In New England, members of the Capture Integration team will be present, including Dave McRitchie (National Sales Manager) Chris Valites (Research, Marketing, Support) and Rob Baker (Marketing Director). From Team Phase One, Ziv Argov (VP of Marketing at Phase One) Jon Gilbert (Technical Support Team Leader) and Niels Knudsen (Imaging Professor) will be there to answer all Phase One questions.

In Miami, the CI team member who will be there will be Chris Snipes (Sales Manager.) From Team Phase One, Ziv Argov (VP of Marketing at Phase One,) and Niels Knudsen (Imaging Professor) will be there to answer all Phase One questions.

Meet the Developer

Niels has spent more than 20 years in the digital photography business, specializing in image processing and digital camera technology. He was the main driver being the development of Capture One Pro itself, as well as the design of the Light Phase back. Since then, he’s been working closely with the world’s best photographers in order to achieve the ultimate image quality and photography workflow. Holding several patents for digital imaging and image processing, Niels is a pioneer at making ICC profiling work for digital cameras. In his own time, Niels is a passionate landscape photographer.

You can see more of Niels’s work on the Image Quality Professor’s blog, including Capture One Tips and tutorials, time-saving shortcuts, undocumented tricks, and more: Professor Tips Archives - The Image Quality Professor's Blog

Try out the latest Profoto, ALPA, and other gear

While shooting with the Phase One XF, you'll need to use some lighting, and we'll have it, with the Profoto B1 AirTTL 500 strobe, as well as the latest cameras from ALPA, like the ALPA 12 STC, ALPA 12 FPS, and more. Cambo cameras will be there to try, such as the Cambo ACTUS DB, WRC-400, and WRS-1200. Come on by and make sure you try these out!

Win A Free Digital Back Rental

In addition to the chance to test-drive Phase One products, and ask Niels your most pressing Capture One Pro questions, you’ll be able to enter for a chance to win a free digital back rental. Certificate of insurance and insured shipping rates apply.

Firmware Updates and Sensor Cleaning

Free digital back cleaning and firmware updates will be available for anyone who brings their personal gear along.

See our Events page for more information:

Make sure you sign up to have a chance to shoot with these cameras and live models, and pick the brains of Phase One's brightest minds!