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Caring for the 907x Body


Active member
Hi everyone,

I've seen articles on cleaning lenses and sensors, I've reviewed the manual which speaks to how to clean both also. What I'm having trouble finding is guidance on how to care for the leather on the 907x. I live in a dry climate and am not sure if it would be advisable to apply a very small about of leather conditioner occasionally. I realize this needs to be done with care to ensure to contamination onto the lenses or sensor. I'm curious what others do/think.

Thanks for your thoughts!


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The amount of leather is nothing really should concern you on the 907x.

I mean, I’ve owned it for 2 years and I live in somewhat dry climate in north Georgia. I never really applied any conditioner on it. As I don’t see the needs of it. But then again my camera would most stays in bag or case as it’s my back up.