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DimWit !!!


New member
I am by most measures a Dim wit. In days of old I was a highly successful professional photographer with private plane and homes abroad.
Now retired and living in France having had to go into exile due to a divorce I have recently built myself a photo studio in a barn above my stables.
My first purchase was a Leica CL but that is useless in a photo studio with bowens (type) flash equipment because it only has "live view ".
I then bought a Hasselblad from Italy on Ebay only to be defrauded of the £2,500 I paid for the equipment.
I have now bought another Hasselblad but it is bloody complicated to use but at least you can look through a view finder as we did in the old days. However I have yet to take a photo because I am trying to get my head round the fire wire cable and Thunderbird adapter needed to connect to my PC.
To make matters worse, because in my youth I used to take pack shots using a Sinar 5x4 I thought a monorail camera would be a wonderful addition to my studio and impress everyone who visited so I thought I'd buy a monorail camera. What a stupid idea that turned out to be.
On Ebay I spent £ 1,000 buying what I thought was a Cambo Actus only now to find out it is a Chinese copy !!!
Any way before I actually commit suicide can anyone suggest a mirror less 9x6 camera to use with my Cambo rather than spend a million pounds on a schreider lens and back to the camera ?
Kindest of regards to everyone.........