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Error codes Hasselblad HM 16-32


New member
I loaded the film back for the first time and attached it to the body.
The film is wound to the first frame and then error codes appear on the display:
Magazine problem ID 96:1
Film Wind Problem ID 93:2
Can somebody help me with this?
Those should be new enough to work with the back. When you loaded the back, did you be sure there wasn't any left over banding or paper jammed onto the insert or at the corners of the back shell? Also look at the contacts on the back really carefully, with a loupe or microscope and be sure they are good. You can give it a wipe with some alcohol and DeOxit to be sure that there's no oxidation. Mine has done stupid things from finger oils on the contacts as well as once having a piece of the 120 wrap banding rip off and wedge into the weirdest place on the shell.

You should probably contact HB service and give them the codes. Since these backs have the wind motor in them, they are more delicate than the older A/E-12 backs. With the older backs, they would only get problems like weird spacing when needing lubed. The HM backs can get weird from high resistance on the contacts causing the back to not be able to draw enough current or too much tension on the film roll causing excessive current draw. Any condition that would cause the motor to work harder pretty much shuts down the back as a protection and throws an error.

Also be sure that you wind the film on the takeup spool a turn or two before inserting. If it slips during winding, it can throw an error too. I was shooting a roll of Arista once, which has a thicker film base than most 120 and the back started throwing random errors because the roll was harder to wind and slipped during initial load. I don't remember the exact error code, it was definitely a "Magazine Error".
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The Hasselblad service Ulf Kühn in Germany said that the firmware is probably too new for the back.
We'll check out the magazine with a not updated H3D tomorrow in Berlin

Well-known member
Now with that out of the way... I found a referenced quote from HB with someone having the same question. It states that the H3D and H3D-II are identical in exterior badge, etc with this one exception:

"Look on the handle, over the B&W LCD display. On the H3D, the rightmost button says "Drive". On the H3D-II, it says "ISO/WB"."

If it says "Drive", you are correct, it is not an H3D-II.

The problem most likely lies with the back itself. So, find another back and see if it works, then go from there,

Best of luck.:)



New member
Tomorrow the service technician from Hasselblad Germany is taking a look at the magazine together with a older firmware body.
He'll try to downgrade my firmware if this is the problem (but the hope is almost gone for this)😢
Otherwise I'll return it to the seller