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Evelyn Hofer: view camera


New member
I'm interested if anyone knows what lenses Evelyn Hofer used for her 4x5 street portraits?

I really enjoy the perspective and framing of her work. As my 'view-camera-eye' is still learning,
I find it tricky to be able to identify the lens/camera to subject distance due to the view camera movements,
rise, tilt and swing. The most I could find online was that she used a 4x5in (10x12cm) Linhof Technika view camera.

Any information will be appreciated.
Thanks in advance,


Well-known member
... I hope you get better information than my assumptions.

Photos of Evelyn Hofer that I could see did not have extreme perspectives.
I therefore assume that for the 4x5 format she might have used focal lengths mainly between 90- and 210mm.
If you want to emulate her, you might first concentrate on a 150mm lens.



Stuart Richardson

Active member
I agree that 150mm is a good starting point, she is slightly on the wider side though...I would not be surprised if she were using a 135 either. It does look like a lot of her images are taken closer to wide open too, as they have more subject isolation than I would typically expect with a full body portrait on 4x5. So my guess would be a 150mm shot at f5.6-f/11, rather than, for example, f22.