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Found: Schneider 120mm f/5.6 APO-Digitar ASPH


Hi everyone,

I'm looking to buy the Schneider 120mm f/5.6 APO-Digitar ASPH (not M or N) in good condition. Even without Copal.

Preferably in Europe.

Thank you,


Active member
Where? Please pm me if you know a good source. I am looking for Schneider 5.6/100 or 5.6/120 or eventually 90mm.


And also, it’s possible to buy it new from DT Commercial in the USA (without copal / I asked for X shutter conversion). They made me a quote: $3,200 + Shipping: $132 + VAT: $660


Hi Caumont,
Do you refer to the 120mm lens with 120mm image circle, or 150mm image circle? It seems that there are only two 120mm Schneider lens: 120 Apo Digitar and 120 ASPH. Digitar N.


The asph is the one with the larger image circle and more recent design.
Plus, the filter thread size is 46mm. Only the asph has this filter thread size to my knowledge.


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There are enough ppl around here looking for one I wonder if our wonderful forum sponsor could convince Schneider to do a GetDPI group buy run.
Probably the biggest problem is that production of COPAL shutters stopped years ago. Rodenstock has used up their stock and, I assume, so probably has Schneider.

P1's shutter is expensive and works only in combination with a P1 IQ4 DB. Rodenstock's aperture mount might work for some (few) who have a DB with electronic shutter. Maybe the best solution would be just supply the lens elements and endusers have to get a shutter/aperture solution, say, used COPAL shutter.

The person who could get something like this done is Paula Pell-Johnson, Linhofstudio. If someone wants to suggest this to her: paula@linhofstudio.