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FS: Arca-Swiss D4 Classic Geared Head


This is the geared classic knob quick release version. Excellent condition, used very lightly. No dings or mechanical issues. Very smooth and fluid. Probably the best head I have ever used but I need the cash. Sad to see it go.

No box.

Asking $850. PayPay fee + shipping included in price.
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Please post some photos of the head when you get a chance.

Also, what is the weight capacity (max load for the head)? you have plates for it, if so, which type and how many come with it?


A warning to whoever might be interested.

I believe this is a scam, Tim or Martin whatever his real name is will ask the buyer to send the funds to PayPal as friend.

DO NOT send payments as friend because you will not receive the D4 and will be out of the $800 he or she is asking for.

How do I know that?

I got in touch with this user over email, we agreed to complete the transaction for $800. He then asked to forward the funds as friend, I sent it as paying for goods.

He said he would get the D4 shipped the following day. He didn’t, when I contacted him the following day, he said he was busy and would try to ship on Saturday. Guest house what? He didn’t, I opened a case through PayPal to recover the funds.

Then I emailed him to let him know, he never responded to my email.

It took about two weeks for PayPal to recover the funds. I finally received the funds this morning and now he’s back on here trying to scam people.