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FS: Leaf Aptus 22


For sale: Leaf Aptus 22 (with Mamiya / Phase One mount)

The back has been used but is in good condition, frame count is 5248. Normal signs of wear, but no scratches!
Sensor is absolutely clean, back functions properly.

It comes with the original pen for the touch screen, three batteries, battery charger (with US and EU adapters and EU cable), firewire cable and sync cable (for copal shutter).
Also included is a CF-card from Lexar, with a whopping 1GB ;)
Serial # LF3255.

Reason for selling: I have not used this back for several years, so it really needs to go now.
But I just did a few test shots on my ALPA, everything works as expected. I have never used the WIFI functionality, so can’t comment on that, but I suppose it’s no way as fast or stable as the new IQ series.

Price is US $ 900, shipping is free (worldwide), Paypal welcome.

I have been selling many items here on GetDPI, you can also check my Ebay history, username on Ebay is "vonalpen11" (100% positive feedbacks).

Contact Information:
Jost von Allmen
[email protected]
Jost von Allmen - Fotografie & Kurse



Subscriber & Workshop Member
I am surprised it sold for such a low price
Its a ten year old MFDB. How much does a ten year old Nikon DSLR like a d2x sell for?

Now for the buyer, it’s a much better deal as these things just keep on trucking. Worst case is replacing the internal battery at some point.