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FS - Leica, Mamiya, Rokinon, Voigtlander, Tamron


It's time for me to sell a few lenses. All items are shipping extra, I'll cover the insurance. As you can see I'm located in Canada but I'll ship to most places if you have a good reputation. I don't charge extra for paypal but Canadians using cash (in person) or EMT will get a 3% discount.

1) Mamiya-Sekor C 150mm f3.5 N - This is a beautiful copy of the Mamiya 645 lens. Cosmetically and optically I'd rate it a 9.5/10. The glass is clean, aperture clicks properly, focus is smooth. There’s no marks I can find on the body and only the slightest signs of use on the mount. The lens has nice color and bokeh. Included are the original caps.

Price $100

Additional pics here:

2) Rokinon 85mm f1.4 Aspherical (Nikon Ai-s mount) - A great lens, sharp with nice bokeh. This copy is in beautiful shape and includes everything that a new one would. I can't find the original lens cap, so I'm including a generic one. The lens is chipped so it works great with Nikon bodies.

Price $215

Additional pics here:

3) Voigtlander Color-Skopar 28mm f3.5 - This is a LTM mount lens that is becoming quite hard to find. It's in great shape with no signs of wear other than a bit of brassing on the filter/hood threads. Includes box, hood, and cap. I'm also including a M/LTM adapter with end cap.

Price $450

Additional pics here:

4) Voigtlander APO Lanthar 90mm f3.5 - This is another LTM lens. Optically and mechanically it's in great shape, but there is significant brassing on the body (common with the black CV lenses of this era). Includes box, hood, and cap. I'm also including a M/LTM adapter with end cap.

Price $200

Additional pics here:

5) Leica Summaron 3.5cm f3.5 with googles - M-mount version of this lens. The lens looks new...I can't find anything wrong with it cosmetically. Unfortunately, the lens has a fair bit of internal fogging. It doesn't seem to have much of an effect on pictures, but I'm sure there's some loss of contrast. Includes caps (generic not leica)

Price - $350

Pics to follow.

6) Tamron Adaptall2 28mm f2.5 - A good copy of the 28mm f 2.5 adaptall2 lens. Optically good (some dust /marks), mechanically good, cosmetically good. I'll include a generic copy of the EF adaptall mount. The adapter doesn't lock tight onto the lens, but this can be fixed if you are handy. This price reflects this issue.

Price $35

Pics are here:
(note: these are not my shots, but are from the ebay listing when I bought the lens)


I'm only going to have intermittent internet service for the next few days, so if you don't get a quick response to a PM or email, be patient...I'm not ignoring you.

Remaining items:

Mamiya 150/3.5
CV 28/3.5
Leica Summaron 35/3.5
Tamron 28/2.5