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FS Leica, Voigtlander, Angenieux, Panasonic


Time to get selling a few things. All prices are in $US and include shipping in North America (I'm located in Canada). No extra fees for paypal. Canadians can pay in $Cdn but I'd prefer payment in cash (local) or by EMT.

1) Leica Summicron-C 40mm f2.0 - This is the earlier version. The later version was produced by Minolta for the CLE...the primary difference was the coatings. The lens is not 6-bit coded and currently brings up the 50mm framelines. The mount can be modified to bring up the 35mm framelines. The lens uses Series 5.5 filters normally (almost impossible to find) but I'm including a Series 5.5>39mm adapter (not Leica) and a 39mm screw hood (also not Leica). Cosmetically the lens is in EX+ condition with no noticable signs of use. Mechanical operation is likewise without issue. There is some dust in the lens and a bright light will reveal some faint cleaning marks on the front element. There are also a couple of tiny marks on the rear element. These marks are very difficult to see and I haven't been able to capture them in a shot. I have never seen any IQ impact of these on any shots, but you need to be aware of them.

Price - $450US shipped and paypalled in North America. SALE PENDING

2) Voigtlander Nokton 50mm f1.5 Aspherical - This is becoming a difficult lens to find since it was discontinued. I'm selling a EX+ silver copy of this lens. I see no signs of use on the body. The glass is nice and clean, and mechanically it works perfectly. Included is the hood, front and rear caps and a 50/75 LTM>M mount adapter (no box). I can also include a B+W UV/IR Cut MRC filter (black) for an additional $50US.

Price - $525US shipped and paypalled in North America

3) Leica Macro-Elmarit R 60mm f2.8 - This is one of the best lenses in the Leica R line. This copy has been converted to a Nikon F mount using a Leitax mount conversion and works well on Nikon and Canon bodies (with an adapter). The lens is a BGN grade, with considerable signs of use, primarily worn paint. The glass appears to have no significant damage, but due to the age of the lens there is a significant amount of internal dust. I see no impact on shots, but no doubt a CLA would help. The lens works fine mechanically. Includes a Leica front cap and a rear cap.

Price - $525US shipped and paypalled in North America

Pics to follow.

4) Angenieux 75mm f2.5 - This is an interesting C-Mount lens that works nicely on the micro 4/3 bodies. The lens is in good cosmetic condition, a few scuffs and a ding in the filter ring. Mechanically it works perfectly. The glass has only a small amount of dust, but there are cleaning marks on the front element. The rear element is considerably better with only minor marks.

Price - $250US shipped and paypalled in North America

Pics to follow.

5) IR converted Panasonic G1 camera - This is a nice copy of the Panasonic G1 that has been converted to IR by Spencer's Camera. The body is in EX shape with no significant signs of use. Includes box, battery, charger, body cap, strap. This camera is a lot of fun to use, but I should note that I had some difficulty using the Panasonic 20/1.7 lens since it would not focus to infinity. Other lenses I used worked fine. This would seem to be a calibration issue.

Price - $450US shipped and paypalled inNorth America.

Pics of the camera to follow.
Pics from the camera:

(with the Pansonic 20/1.7)

(with the Contax G 45/2)
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Prices dropped
Leica Macro Elmarit - $475
Angeneiux - $195
Panasonic G1 - $395
...send me an offer...$ or trades


Another price drop
Leica Macro Elmarit - $450
Angeneiux - $175
Pany - $375

If you want the Angeneiux and Pany I'll thow in a c-mount adapter.