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FS: Rodenstock Digaron-S HR 4/60 mm copal 0, f. Fuji GFX, Hasselblad 907 100c, phase one, mint.


Well-known member
For Sale.
a great rodenstock lens: Digaron-S HR 4/60 mm in copal 0,
it is the widest Rodenstock lens that can be used with full movements with Fuji GFX cameras on Cambo Actus, Sinar or Arca Swiss M2, universalis,
afcourse can be used with all Digital backs, especially with modern backs like the Hasselblad 907x 100 c where such high resolution lens can show their possibilities.
allows more then 15 mm movements on 33x44 sensor.
I own 2 of them and sale one,
the lens is already superb at aperture 4,
it seems to me be the sharpest Digaron lens- I tested them all.
The lens is used very less and is still in very good shape, the glasses afcourse like new, the lens is perfect calibrated, can be used at aperture 4 with no issuess. You get the full posible performance of this lens that allows resolution above 100 l/mm.
price. 2000 euro


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The lens is also the widest that can be used with Fuji GFX and Linhof adapter with Linhof techno and M679 ( wide angle recessed lensboard requied).
also the widest HR Rodenstock that can be used with Cambo Actus and Fuji GFX.
Also testet on Arca Swiss M-line/ Universalis with Fuji GFX.