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FS: WATE for sale


New member
Hey everyone

Have a new in box WATE with the Universal Finder. Also included is the Milich Hood and filter holder complete with filter. Out of the box only when I first received it to assure all was well with both lens and finder. Note the size of the WATE compared to the Zeiss 15 2.8 which is also about the same size as my R 15 Elmarit which I use on the M with the Novoflex adapter.

Price is $4600

Woody Spedden


Re: WATE for sale

Woody - I already own & greatly admire the WATE + finder, but would be very interested in the Milich hood & filter holder plus filter, if you might consider selling just them. Is the IR filter Leica or B+W? At the Yosemite workshop I used primarily my 28mm Summicron & the WATE, but had some tricky issues with flare on the WATE.


New member
Re: WATE for sale

For now I don't want to break up the kit. I figure that someone who wants the WATE will (immediately) want the filter holder and filter from JLM. Thanks for the interest and if I decide to split things up I will let you know



Workshop Member
funny how the market works. i have just seen a surge in wate adapter orders, this is the second surge since around july. looks like Leica gets these lenses out in batches avery 4 or 5 months.