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FS Zeiss Distagon 15mm 2.8 ZM w/ Finder

David K

Workshop Member
This is certainly one of the finest wide angle lenses that you can use with the M cameras and it's not easy to find used in mint condition. Comes with the Zeiss finder which isn't cheap, but is bright and beautiful, box, papers, step-up ring and B&W IR filter. Asking $3600 OBO and might consider a similar condtion 28 cron in partial trade. I loaned this to Guy who shot a spectacular landscape (see image below) with it during his recent workshop. Beautiful lens, but when I shoot landscapes I generally use my MFDB gear.

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
This really is a great lens and even at 2.8 the center part is extremely sharp . i really wanted to buy this but just not enough money that my wife would not spot missing. :D


Active member
Coming from Guy's recommendation of the RF lens, this lens must be extremely sharp as the MTF chart shows it. Too bad I may not be able to have this lens for the next Yosemite meet but I definitely going to go to the next workshop with these talented Pros to get images like the amazing image above.


Dear David

Did you find you need to use the center filter or not? Guy, did you use on the shot?

Best Regards

Guy Mancuso

Administrator, Instructor
No center filter . It takes 1.5 stops off the top so wanted to avoid that. Victor it is a beauty and I really wanted to buy it, just can't have it all I guess