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Fuji X-T30


Active member
For using my old Canon lenses I bought some weeks ago Fuji X-T30 + 15-45mm,
a nice camera, adequate my GX9 - small and light weighted. The only thing I miss
is the tlltable EVF of my GX9/GX7.

Also I bought a Viltrox Booster EF-FX2 and an adapter EF-FX, additional battery/charger,
ArcaSwiss grip, eyecup, 10/16m macro rings.

With these two adapters I can use automatic Canon lenses, but also my
manual Samyangs 8/14/35/85/500 - and also my manual 60mm/macro 2:1
and 15mm/macro 1:1

First try with 15-45mm ... inserting battery, sdcard ... ready
All photos out of camera, no postprocessing, only cut & resized.

.. and some macros ...

... and timelapse:


Active member
Now for my X-T30 I have a battery dummy, so with 230V->9V adapter
or my ANKER power bank (25.000mAh, 3x 5V, 1x 9V/12V) each camera
with endless power can provided.
I now wanted a smaller pack, which can be attached to the tripod with a strap.

Actually, these things are intended for bicycle light, but they deliver 8.4Volt (= 2x 4.2V),
So it's great for cameras. Amazingly a fully charged battery (350-450 images) can make -
every 3 seconds one picture - 2500 shots!

With this PowerPack the number of pictures multiplies enormously.
18650 LiION batteries - I have 4 pieces with 12.000mAh each
ordered for 8 € from China.



Active member
Today arrived 6x 18560 batteries for Fuji powerpack and macro rings for FUJI.
So I made first tries with these 10/16mm rings, I have also 10/16mm rings for Sony, Lumix, Samsung ...
Low prices and good results! They fit 100%!



Active member
Flowers from my garden - JPGs out of X-T30 + 7artisans 55mm/1.4
no post processing, only cut/resized



Active member

Yeeees, I love my Fuji - I miss only tiltable EVF from GX7/GX9 :), but a 3x display viewer
makes great 9" 'EVF'. Today should arrive XC 50-230mm, amazon 390€, buuuut from
(chinese) UK-dealer only 130€. Youtube videos show: "cheap" lenses must not be bad.

With Viltrox Booster EF-FX2 I can use my 11 ;-) Canon lenses, manual lenses also with
my EF-FX adapter for € 6 :)))