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Fun with Light L16


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I believe the Light L16 and Lumen software is still available on line. The camera firmware/software update is/was always a live download update (remember that the Light L16 is essentially a camera build on an Android operating system). Do a Google search for "Light L16 Support" and you'll get a number of hits from which to obtain all that's available for it, including user manuals, how to update, etc etc etc.

A couple of things you want to do:
  • configure it to NOT require a password to operate (it's a camera, not a cell phone :) )
  • update the software to the very last release level (I have LightOS running on mine). this allows you to install Android OS versions of Flickr and Snapseed.
  • download and install an APK installer
  • download and install the Flickr and Snapseed apps
The Lumen software, if you're running macOS systems, runs best on an older OS version pre macOS 10.15 "Catalina". I have an older Mac mini configured with macOS 10.14 "Mojave" and set up with virtually nothing other than the standard Apple system install and Lumen specifically to import and edit L16 exposures and then render them out to full resolution JPEG and DNG forms.

With Flickr and Snapseed apps installed on camera, you can render excellent 12 Mpixel JPEGs and put them up on Flickr for display and storage with just what's in the camera. Using Lumen is the only way to get the full 50+ Mpixel resolution out of the native L16 files.

Have fun. It's a remarkable camera, and terribly sad that they chose to change their business and not pursue continuing with the production and development of the camera.



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And here are some of the others ones I liked from that walk and test shoot, all in an "abstract, still life" theme.

Almost Planar #1 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #2 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #3 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #4 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #5 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #6 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #7 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #8 - Santa Clara 2021

Almost Planar #9 - Santa Clara 2021

All with the Light L16, various settings.



No matter where you go, there you are.
"Almost Planar #4" is beautiful !


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Happy to have found this forum. You are my people who believed in L16 and stuck around (not that we had much of a choice) using that camera. My hardware is completely Apple Mac OS and I had no choice but to keep upgrading my MacOS for my day job. I am far away from Mac OS Catalina that Lumen works without issues. To start reusing the L16, I was thinking of buying a cheapo Windows laptop but most of them are Windows 11 theses days. Does anyone here know if Lumen works on Windows 11 ?


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I'm in a similar situation.
I just bought an unopened L16 off ebay. It came with OS 1306 and I can't seem to find any available way to update it to the last version. I have 30 days to return it, but I'd rather get it running. I understand there is a Facebook group, but I really don't want to join FB just for this (I've avoided them so far). Also, if anyone has the Lightroom/ Photoshop presets on their computer, could you share them?
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you


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Hmm. I still have and use my Light L16, BUT ...

- I keep an older Mac mini outfitted with the last version of Lumen available to process the files and generate DNGs with.

- My camera was updated to the final L16 firmware/software around about 2017; as of 2020, the server that was used to maintain the updates went away.

I have both the Windows and Mac OS last release installation files for and would be happy to send them to whomever needed them (just send me a msg off-line). I downloaded them circa 2020, but I don't think it was updated much past 2017. The camera firmware, however, is more difficult since the camera is an Android device and connected to the network on its own to install updates. You might try contacting the folks at to see if there's an archive server somewhere that you can point the camera to in order to obtain the last version firmware/OS for it.

I've attached pictures of the top level info screens from the camera.




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I have tried to contact them. I called the offices, and emailed the CEO/ founder, but I haven't heard anything yet.
I would really appreciate any files you can offer.
Yours looks be be fully updated.
Do you have the presets for Lightroom too? How can I contact you? I'm new here, and it's not letting me DM you yet.
Thanks so much!
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