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Fun with MF images


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Did a first test shoot today with the new 150mp back on my trusty old SONY XF.

The weather wasn't really cooperating with lots of haze hanging low in the sky, so I ended up shooting only with the Mamiya 300/4.5 and picking out some details. It was also not a good day to test the colour of the new back, I guess I'll have to do that some other time.

P0000082 West Bund - 12-Apr-2019.jpg

P0000077 West Bund - 12-Apr-2019.jpg

P0000064 West Bund - 12-Apr-2019.jpg

P0000060 West Bund - 12-Apr-2019.jpg


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AlanS......just a question, as I look at this sectionn of the site every day with great interest.... Does that Minolta 58mm actually cover the MF sensor or are your pix crops?.......just very interested as this might change the 'ball-game' for me!


I was in Napoli (Naples, Italy) last weekend. I thought this would be appropriate for this forum:)!


IQ3 100 through an SK80.



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Does that Minolta 58mm actually cover the MF sensor or are your pix crops?
Well, the good news is that it does cover the sensor (small amount of vingetting wide open, easy to correct). The bad news is the quality image circle does not! (soft and smudged in extreme corners). This is not much of a problem if shooting f1.4-2.8 ish as it generally falls out of the subject matter. (the center is sharp even at f1.4). For stopped down shooting f8 and beyond, a little cropping is required (16:9 works well). I am still learning with this lens so it is work in progress but I have had some quite satisfying images with it.


Another shot from my evening shoot in Arizona's Kofa Mountains...
GFX-50R, 23mm, ISO 100, f/11, 1/30s (focus stacked) - I chose f/11 even though I was focus stacking to make sure that I captured the entire DOF of the foreground flower bush in a single frame due to a light breeze making it easier to put the stack together into a single image.