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Fun with MF images


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Couple images from my trip to Seattle last week, only stayed for 2 nights and got a bad sunset on the first night, so basically only had one decent shoot, didn't even manage to shoot the 12th street (Jose Rizal) bridge :cry:

Kirkland Marina Park

P0000315 Seattle 02-May-2019 to 04-May-2019.jpg

Seattle skyline at sunset from Kerry Park

P0000310 Seattle 02-May-2019 to 04-May-2019.jpg

Mount Rainier from Kerry Park

P0000303 Seattle 02-May-2019 to 04-May-2019.jpg


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From an impromptu trip to NYC week before last. Very postcard-y cliche view but I never get tired of it nonetheless. I've shot this location a bunch and each image comes out different with a different feel. Two image handheld stitch X1D and 65mm XCD.

brooklyn bridge park2-Edit.jpg


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Brusselton wood.
The bluebells are out now but there are less of them this year than I have seen in the past. The unseasonal cold weather is probably to blame?