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Fun with the Fuji X ___!


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Rainy day project photographing old camera gear and playing with focus stacking. Beauty shot of my Rolleiflex (the Planar lens flavor). Four shot stack using the FX 16-80 on the s-10. I traded in my x-t4 for the lighter weight and smaller s-10.



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The last of my three 'flexes........Which I have had for 54 years. None of us who used these professionally will ever forget them! longer as beautiful as Scho's superb specimen, but it has teh exact marks from my hands, so I must have always held it the same way and we went thru some dramas together!


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First results with the XF 200/2. Heavy beast. These are raw files with no processing but some cropping. I've noticed this with a couple of Fuji lenses, notably the 80/2.8, that they draw colour beautifully in a naturally understated way which belies further processing if you like the look. I guess they have what people used to call 'lens character'.

iso6400 200mm f2.0 1/3200 - this was actually a mistake in terms of setting but it turned out all right - 60% crop to position elements.

iso200 200mm f2 1/125 - OIS engaged - no cropping.

(Different fox, same garden!) iso160 200mm f2 1/200 - about 60% of the original frame.


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X-Pro3 + 18-55/2.8-4


Wacissa Florida is about 17 miles SE of my home. A tiny unincorporated farming community (4.2 sq miles) I travel through to get to other places. Everytime I pass this skinny guy hanging from a tree, I want to stop and take a snap, and I finally did. 💀🤣🤡 Hope everyone is doing well. I love all the photos in this thread and the photographers too. Thanks guys for all the great work, I appreciate it!

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