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Fun with the Olympus OMD


On the Other Cameras thread, it was asked which camera is you companion to the Sigma DP Merrill cameras. These little camera produce stunningly good photos in rather specific conditions and requires Sigma's own software to develop them. This frustrates many especially the slowness of the software but each file is around 50mb.

My companion camera is the OMD E-M1 as it takes over where the Sigma stops. I love the low light capability and the excellent Olympus lenses, especially the 75mm f1.8 Perfect for theatre. I also have the 25mm Voigtlander f0.95 which can see in the dark.

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hi Jono

That's an impressive bunch of chicken portraits.

We've kept a small number of chickens in our suburban back garden for a few years now. We get them from a battery chicken rescue centre, all plucked and concentration camp victim-like and free range them as best we can. I can't say I'm great fan of chickens as pets but there's something about seeing these creatures escaping from their tiny cages into daylight for the first time and - hesitatingly at first, but then with increasing confidence start to re-find their instincts and start pecking and scratching.

They are curious creatures, always checking out stuff but a bit thick to be frank.

The biggest problem we have is there are big families of suburban foxes living in the gardens either side of us and they sun themselves on top of the Eglu chicken house!

They don't seem to live too long - a couple of years after release seem to be about normal which means we always seem to be burying corpses. I don't how that compares to free range chickens.

HI Maggie
Indeed - however:

I would note: chickens are living manifestations of death, bred only to be domesticated and killed. When we look into their eyes, we see the part of ourselves of which we are most afraid – our ultimate destination. Death.

Not our chickens! - they're bred to live a happy and fulfilled life in our garden, giving our dog Caspar a proper mission in life (to hunt them down and kill them - but he fails) and to provide us with eggs!

Apart from a little cockerel culling (3 is 2 too many!) they all live their allotted time.


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From a recent walk in natural reserve 'Doode Beemden', essentially (very) wetlands ...

With E-M1 and 12-40/2.8


scott kirkpatrick

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I posted some shots taken with the 40-150/2.8 Pro zoom lens using the 1.4x telextender over in the "Guess I could live with this lens" thread. Here's one more:


scott kirkpatrick

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Re: Resolution vs background bokeh

After playing around for a while with my new 210/4 macro lens, I wondered how it compares with my usual flower-grabber, the 60/2.8 Olympus macro. So here's a comparison. First the 60 macro:

The 40-150 (or as set up yesterday the 56-210) Pro zoom gets close enough to focus on objects this size or a little smaller. But the sharpness apparent in the shot above seems a bit better than the telephoto zoom. However, look at the distracting handling of the background lines and contours against the sky. The telephoto does a nicer job of smoothing these out:

My gold standard for Olympus macro was the Zuiko 50/2.0 which sadly I don't have any more. Here's a nice example, shot with the E-1 about ten years ago:



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And they wonder why we nicknamed Scarlett my 3 year old Granddaughter snot face.;)

I'm sure it will be a bone of contention in future years and I'll just say the Bogyman took it.:)

E-P5,m45mm f1.8 1/100s f/2.0 at 45.0mm iso1250

scott kirkpatrick

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Re:Here's what 84 MPx can do

While we don't have barrios like Rio (see the recent 10K video on YouTube shot in timelapse with an 80 MPx PhaseOne), we can pack 'em in, too. This is the Nachlaot ("homesteads") neighborhood of Jerusalem, where building started in the 1870s. Each white barrel on a rooftop marks one family unit.

Six shots with the 40-150/2.8 at 70mm and f/8. To view the file at full resolution, go here.

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I re-processed some old files from the OM-D5 I was using about 2-3 years ago. This was 5 raw files stacked in PhotoAcute3 to produce a 64 MP dng file which was then used to produce a 40 MP jpeg. A 50% downsize of the latter was exported to flickr and is shown here (click for larger image). I'm looking forward to seeing how the new OM-D5II single shot HR version will compare to the manual stacking I did with the old camera.

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