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GF30mm f3.5, first shots.


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First time out with the GF 30/3.5. 24mm equivalent is one of my favourite focal lengths. I've been waiting a long time for this lens and I also have been through mental hoops deciding should I even keep the GFX system.

Quite literally the first photo out of the camera. 'HOPE' bridge in Camden Town, London.
I had to correct a small amount of purple fringing in LR around the shrub against the sky in the top left of the photo. iso1250 f11 1/320.

I was shooting downwards onto the canal from a bridge and had to correct the verticals (in Effex Perspective) and although the cyclist is distorted he remains sharp at the edge of the frame. iso1000 f11 1/250

This shot was a bit of a mistake in that I did not realise I had nudged the aperture to f18 and the speed dial down to 1/100 so the edges seem a little soft. Could be diffraction but more likely it is my age and I really need to set my speed to something like 1/250 to cure camera shake. I wouldn't say the 30/2.5 is an overly heavy lens but together with the GFX50R it weight 1.4Kg in total.
iso1000 f18 1/100

This is a recreation of a favourite view of mine that I have taken with many cameras - the most successful to date is with my now long-gone Hasselblad SWC. The significance is that the 30mm cropped is not so far from the fov of the SWC. The extra 'room' of the 30mm gives you the opportunity to safely crop to square.
iso500 f/16 1/160

This is a regular subject for me. It may turn into a project. The idea being the decisive moment on a stage in front of a panoramic view of London.
This is a 100% slice at 1:3 aspect ratio through the centre of the original image shot at f3.5 (I was wondering how wide open the lens would perform). I am actually blown away with the plane of focus sharpness from edge to edge, given the aperture.
iso100 f3.5 1/320

I live quite literally on the 'other side of tracks' from one of the richest areas of London. You can tell that by the fact that this one street has a Ferrari, a Dino, a classic Jensen 541S, a new Bentley and numerous 'Kensington Tractors' (aka Range Rovers) parked on the street. A good place to test out bokeh!
iso100 f3.5 1/400


Bottom line, for me it is early days. I suspect it may become my most used lens. I plan to have in the short term only a two lens system: the 30/3.5 and the 50/3.5.
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