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Has anyone strapped a Noctilux onto a Nex-7


Active member
I did
the 0.95 - I thought it was fine - focusing good, even in low light (where there's always a twinkle in an eye). Great results.

Only thing against it is that I'd rather strap it to an M9!


I have not. I don't own one.

I own a Canon 50/0.95 and a 9.8cm f/1 lens (a real lens).

They are both heavy lenses. Though they bring some stability to the anemic NEX-7, there is always this fear of the adapter getting ripped off. I would really like a grip for the NEX-7 to be able shoot with these.

I also do not own the rare 50/1.2 Noct (the original (first) one with an aspherical element).

But I do have a fabulous Fujinon 50/1.2 and an Olympus pen F 42/1.2. Both do very well, in terms of balance. Focus is OK as I always use focus assist. I must say that they are a joy to use on the NEX-7 because of the built in EVF. It was very difficult on the NEX-5.

Soon, I expect to use a few more fast lenses.


New member
Woody: I've shot the Nex 7 and the Noctilux 0.95. Great combination. Not unwieldy, and easier to handle then you think. Nice short tele. Here's a few shots (including several stereotypical 'nocti' photos :D). All wide open.

Cheers, Matt

Zenfolio | Matt Driscoll