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Hasselblad 45deg finder for sliding back


Active member
Could someone recommend one of the Hasselblad (V-fit) 45 degree viewfinder's for use on a sliding back?

I know the RMFX is popular, but very pricey (one on eBay now for $499!) Also, it doesn't use a prism, 'just' a mirror...are there any advantages of the viewfinders that use prisms over mirrors? Do they perform better or worse with wide-angles?

Thanks in advance.


Well-known member
I've used both mirror and prism types on my Kapture Group sliding back. With both, you still have to do critical focus on the ground glass with a 6 to 10X loop. Most of the Prism finders are bulky and heavy compared to the RMFx finder #47070, and cost as much or more. The RMFx finder is generally a bit over-priced for what it is because it is a little more rare. The RMFx does not have diopter correction and there is a special holder so you can get correction lenses made to match your eyes. The magnification factor is 3.3X

If it MUST be a 45º finder, disregard the following:

So, I currently use the straight Hasselblad V chimney finder # 52094 that doesn't use a mirror or prism, magnifies the ground glass 2.5X and has an easy to use knurled ring diopter adjustment. It is a direct view and quite bright ... good for over-all composition and roughing in the focus before going to the loop for critical focus. About $100 to $200 on e-bay. Look for the later one with a big knurled diopter ring and tear-drop shaped eye shade.



Active member
Marc - are finders that use a prism brighter than the RMFX - particularly towards the edges with wide angle lenses - or about the same?

I have a Hartblei chimney finder, which is great - but I'd like a 45 deg one too.